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challenges. most pressing is a lack of clean drinking water. >>> the new u.s. ambassador to japan has arrived. caroline kennedy is expected to bolster relations between the two countries. >>> and south korea hopes a revised education system using information technology will help strengthen the academic abilities of its students. >>> one of the most urgent needs for survivors of typhoon haiyan is access to clean drinking water. over a week after the massive storm made landfall in the philippines, the situation in the disaster zone remains chaotic. almost 1.5 million people have been forced from their homes. 70% of them, about 1.1 million people, have to live out in the open. philippine disaster management officials say they confirmed more than 1,000 deaths on friday alone. this brings the total number of people killed to 3,621. in tacloban, sanitary conditions are getting worse. water stations have been set up at a few locations, and a water truck is operating around the city. but even with those measures, there is still a serious shortage of drinking water. evacuees at a school in central tac
property that would identify a specific use for a redevelopment plan, then in that case it has to be transferred to the city. i have been keeping those, we have kept those in mind as we have discussed these properties internally and physical figuring out what the best plan is for all of these and we'll be producing these to you today. first the transbay parcels and what we are talking about here is one that we own now, we only own one, it's block 11b which is purple. and then we have options to purchase in the if the two other park parcels and block 10 in the corner. so like i said i'm not going through the enforceable obligation discussion because there is a lot of information in your memo and if you have questions i will answer. i'm going skip right to the disposition plan for those. for 11b and 3, so for parks, 11 b and 3. we have the same disposition. we would basically just retain those temporarily to fulfill our development obligation. we would ensure that they are developed as parks and then once they are developed as parked we transfer them to the city and the city woul
we've seen them turn them over. these funds are legally to ensure they are used for that purpose. regarding the use and maintained by first class professional organizations are great on our mind. we also urge that you consider a dedicated single governing body to over see these diverse issues to lawsuits and project legal struggles. the purpose was to have no dominant use and to manage what was built there and have a diversity of uses. the urge sea of having a single opportunity to continue is very important. i want to conclude by just in endorsing john overruling's comments and to have a sense and openness that the garden is created and destroyed and we must have your help to see what we can do to change that. thank you. >> richard bolingbrook. >> madam commissioners. i'm a working artist. i wanted to acknowledge the artist. if you can stand up please. we have a newspaper of the star board members here and working artist from the shipyard. i wanted to speak in support of the recommendations of the ocii staff regarding the disposition of the new shipyard artist to the replacemen
of refined education system using information technology will help strengthen the academic ability of students the official death toll from typhoon higher yen has risen sharply one week after the monster storm ripped across the center of the philippines. concerns are mounting over pork hygiene and the risk of disease among hundreds of thousands of survivors try to douse in its reporting for us from manila the prey or need for relief workers for me to get life saving supplies to survivors of the deadly storm. initial response was heavily criticized for being slow enough that day. the actual africa has now started taking even still the confirmed death toll from typhoon high jump by about one thousand on friday to three thousand six hundred twenty one. i was one of million survivors have been forced to bear more than thirty percent of them were somewhat point one million people living without shelter world health organization representative to the philippines killing almost as a faith and growing threat from disney. we are a true suppos the province of south to a rapid rate and increa
. >> i just want to make two quick points. one we assume that everybody puts their homes to good use, and secondly our figures show that our loss of winter heat in the units four and five each is $90, so when they want to they take an average of the five unit in order to make the dollar amount smaller. the lower units are greater impacted in the winter. there is no impact from april to september. we know that. we don't need the heat that we do need in the winter. our loss is in the winter. we asked them for a 10-foot setback. we believe that if she chose she could get the space by the first floor and build out and the original plans didn't include the first floor but there is a way to get extra space and preserve our right to a active solar sun house. thank you. >> project sponsor you have a two minute rebuttal. >> cass smith again. i would like to clarify a couple of things and i am sure we're all in favor of uses of alternative energy and the number as described as 50% is not at all the case. if you average this out over the year and the units it's less than a 10% differen
for all of us to survive. we're all suffering here, even the rich. >> reporter: a crowd gathers at the coliseum's edge as another dead body surfaces. it's not many to see the future here, but many say they have to leave it up to god. >> earlier we are spoke to the spokesman for the philippine president. and he has admitted the government's response had initially been slow, but is now making progress. >> certainly we want things to be faster, but let me say this also, when there's been a lot of reports that it has been slow, and we will concede in the first couple of days it was slow. the scale of this disaster was unprecedented more than anybody thought it would be. the first line of -- the first responders -- the line of first responders were themselves victims, so for example, the day after the storm, about -- less than 10% of the police force was able to go to work the next day because either they had died or their relatives had died. once we got there, the first thing we had to do was remove the obstructions from the roads. you can't get from point, a to point b if there is
as well. so we would like to explore all of those things and with this extension it will allow us to do that in a very deliberate way. >> so this venue is still needed in china town? >> it's still needed at this time. >> my recollection was that this was originally part to be intended a citywide neighborhood city hall kind of program where there would be a presence in each neighborhood of their government. and this is the only one that remains? >> i believe that is correct. so most of the online, most of the in person payments are done at our headquarters at 525 golden gate. >> any other parts of the city that seem to need that service? >> there is a list here as far as all the payments and, let me see, we have our 525, city hall we have dots printing and stationery and then we also do the online payments as well as mail payments. this is the only other physical location besides city hall besides the 525 golden gate. >> is this where there was a commissioner with a conflict of interest? >> i don't recall that in the last 5 years anyway. >> a little local color. >> when did you join ? >>
companies that can benefit us in the success of our program. at this stage i would like to turn it over to defer. and i will be back if there are any questions. >> thank you mr. cook. director, commissioners, chairperson, johnson. my name is defer butler. we are a small business program management firm in san francisco. we have been in business for 15 years in the city and of that 15 years, 8 of the years of our headquarters has been in district 10. we work with a number of small businesses, dbe and lbe firms. specifically we were at the inception of the bay project and the redevelopment agency as well as others. we also worked or four seasons, kaiser, medical office building, we are currently on central subway projects. we work on anna ray of different projects, our specialty seems to be master developments because it's so diverse on the challenges of getting the contractors to participate whether it's underground utilities, vertical residential, condominium or biotech. we are a dbe firm and we've been here for 15 years. i would like to say our company was pursued with lan ar to manag
department made of the new soon to be megacarrier american airlines. in order to become one with us airways in a multibillion dollars deal, american must agree to open up major hubs to smaller airline carriers, cut back on roots and the number of flights, in an age of fees and baggage costs and expensive no frills tickets what will the future of air travel look like you to you the son caller as the new american airlines takes on. the americaner between america and u.s. airways is a $17 billion deal. it would carry 100 million passengers annually. it will. the justice department announced the settlement that will allow the new american airlines to become the king of the airways. in the agreement, the air land must give up gates and landing slots including new york, los angeles, and ronald ragan washington national airport. washington, d.c. at ragan airport, american must now sold 104 landoff and taking slots. >> we have expressed the concerns that the merger would potentially impose. >> the justice department initially blocked the deal, fearing it would hurt competition. and after securing c
. that was janet yellen yesterday. joining us now is brittany jones from wrathbone. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> quantitative easing can't continue indefinitely, but presumably it's going to continue for long enough, isn't it? >> yeah. obviously, they highlighted the -- bernanke highlighted tapering could start in september. that was taken off the table. now it's talking about more taper. but we've got to remember that for tapering doesn't necessarily mean the end of qe. they can still taper. >> this is what the fed wants to get out of the way. then start pricing in tightening because of the fed's dilemma. >> i think they're going to change some of the hurdles. we've seen it from the bank of england. we've had the unemployment rate and suddenly the bank of england's forward guidance might change. the i think the fed will do the same. so it will possibly bring the unemployment target down. they will say they won't raise rates if inflation is below a certain level. tapering and the end of qe does not necessarily mean the end of zero rates, as well. >> does the ten-year range trade betw
but there are a couple of missing things. one of the major maritime use is the pier doc site at the end of the pier. not to be a big doc site for tour boats but today trips as they come in and how are they going to use that end of the arena. how are trucks and cars and buses going to access the arena on the embarcadero side. if embarcadero is tied up with traffic and tour buses and luxury valets just dropping off the pedestrians in front of embarcadero because it's convenient embarcadero lose traffic. i was here a week ago with the residents raising questions not so much about this design but how the entire site works. they have deferred seawall on 230 which is a huge issue hotel and it's surrounded by residents. if we don't have a solution to how people are going to flow through this area a in his design doesn't need that much. so you are challenged to raise those questions. thank you >> good afternoon, president fong and commissioners. i think back earlier to director rams statement about negative value land that he saw in detroit. i've seen recently a trend for, you know, keeping things the way
for blocks 50. we are currently bidding on blocks 53 and 54. the workshop has been very beneficial to us. we attended the workshop for access to capital which seems to be moving forward with some positive outcomes for funding and i'm here in support of the lan ar project. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. we'll get started real quick. commissioners, i would like you to know that we have a very full agenda today. i want everyone to get their questions in but i will probably cut it off if it starts to go offtrack too much. you had a question? >> mr. butler, before i talk to you i would like to recognize angelo king and ed norman. i just want to know how you advertised this program you have? >> we are using a number of different techniques. we developed a data base of all the minority women on businesses, local businesses and sbe in the 941207 and 02 and we developed that list and e-mail and fax and we made sure we partnered up with disseminating information with the bayview merchants association and the chambers, the chamber of commerce and all the others to make sure they reach out
we are doing that will be useful for my decision making. that's the end of my comments, thank you. >> we have grap pled with these exact same issues. i appreciate your comment. as far as the 2013 timing, we wonder if it should be on the calendar before you during your budget deliberations and before the new proposed rate package as before you early next spring and in february. so that was part of our timing going back to commissioner torres question as well. >> thank you. so the next item is we sip quarterly update. i would like to have emilio come up. he has some news to share with everyone. >> good afternoon commissioners, emilio cruz. i wanted to introduce this item specifically as you know miss julie lan bont will be leaving us soon and we have replaced her. dan came to us from montgomery watson who was vice-president and ran the water resources division. since coming to us he's woshthd -- worked as the regional manager to parks and $1.3 billion worth of work and the project that we are most in construction. it's a very good transition for us to move dan from the regional ma
the right to hire his own staff. the decision comes after ford admitted to using crack cocaine. >>> a change to the affordable care act passed the house today. the bill would allow people to keep their current coverage and also allow them to buy outside obamacare exchanges. >>> and japan's newest ambassador from the united states, caroline kennedy, is now in tokyo. she said she's proud to carry on the public service legacy of her father, late president john f. kennedy. she's the first woman to serve in the post. if you like the latest information on any of the stories from this news hour we invite to you head over to our website at once again "inside story" is next on al jazeera america. >> the talks with iran over talks of its nuclear program is tricky enough. [ "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez. it didn't take long for the finger pointing to begin after talks collapsed in geneva this week. iran insisted it was negotiating and progress had been made. the secretary of state john kerry, on the other hand, said iran couldn't agree to terms. it's jus
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>>> u.s. economy is not ready to fly without the feds help. says the next boss, janet yell own. but our expert says the feds may drop out sooner than later. plus why the president's about face on obama care could come back to haunt consumers in the long run, americans kicking the habit when it comes to credit cards, i am ali velshi and this is "real money." ♪ ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most important part of the show. join our conversation not next half hour on twitter using ajrealmoney. janet yell edge. that's her over there. but first she needs to get approval from the senate. on thursday she started that process with a bit of grilling from senators over the feds' multi billion dollars bond-buying program that works to keep interest rates low. fed chairs have a long history of monetary speak. an obtuse language that most americans find hard to understand. i was ready interpret a lot of her speech for you. but she is clearer than most fed officials. listen. >> i believe it could be costly to withdraw a commen commendatir fail to provide adequate accommodation.
conversation not next half hour on twitter using ajrealmoney . janet yell edge. that's her over there. but first she needs to get approval from the senate. on thursday she started that process with a bit of grilling from senators over the feds' multi billion dollars bond-buying program that works to keep interest rates low. fed chairs have a long history of monetary speak. an obtuse language that most americans find hard to understand. i was ready interpret a lot of her speech for you. but she is clearer than most fed officials. listen. >> i believe it could be costly to withdraw a commen commendation r fail to provide adequate accommodation. on the other hand, it will be important for us also as the recovery proceeds to make sure that we do withdraw accommodation when the time has come. >> it's not exactly dinner conversation, in plain english what yellen said is, yes, eventually we'll stop donating $85 billion a month to the u.s. economy and when we do it, it could hurt, so you all better start getting comfortable with the idea. when it came to explaining why the fed keeps on with t
in this morning. in just a few minutes, we've got john harwood. he'll join us to go through the politics on this and some of the realities on how it can possibly work. in the meantime, let's send it over to andrew. >> we have a lot of corporate news this morning. kimberly clark announcing its board of directors authorizing its management team to pursue a potential tax free spin-off of the health care business which has $1.6 billion in sales. take a look at shares of the consumer products giant closing at an all-time high yesterday. we're going to talk to the company's ceo tom falk at 7:30 a.m. eastern time this morning. the play station 4 officially now on sale, a little over six hours ago that gamers were able to get their hands on sony's new game console. the price tag, $399. we're going to have a product review of what it is and what it means. it's 6:30 a.m. eastern time. and we're getting a peek into the portfolios of some of the world's biggest investors. warren buffett, snapping up stake in exxon. at yesterday's closing price of $93.22, that stake is valued at $3.74 billion. and a
and when he host the u.s. conventions of mayors i want them to feel the vibratecy of the theatre. i believe that every company that exist in the city of san francisco b would love to have their name associated with this theatre. this will be the kind of theatre you'll want to have it's in the middle of the life corridor of our city that's it that's where things are happening. by the way, it's not just in the daylight but and you see this all happening but we're bringing vibrant night life back to san francisco lead by k c e t strand and with all the technology companies that are locating along market street. i can showcase something that's going to be well received by everybody. theatre has been part of my life a long time. i know for leno and kim and supervisor wiener perhaps we can do something like that political theatre here (laughter) what do i think. what was their little envisioning thing. in college i did drama and little plays and - (laughter) that's why i of those a bureaucrat for years. look it up butterflies are free. that's what i thought about when i came up open stage. i woul
illegal elephant poaching - u.s. wildlife officials crush 6 tonnes of confiscated ivory. >> thousands of people in the philippines are still waiting for aid a week after the islands were struck by typhoon haiyan. president benigno aquino has visited volunteers parking relief supplies. they are based in manila. trucks have been gridlocked. the interior minister said the problem of supplying aid is on the same scale as a war-time invasion. >> in a situation like this nothing is fast enough. the need is massive. it's immediate. you cannot shove anybody aside, because everybody all at the same time is hungry, have no water, no communication, no power. the challenge here is almost li like... >> the relief effort is hampered by rumours of misinformation. it was thought one island - everyone was killed. we went and discovered they were full of survivors, wondering why help had not arrived. >> they are the forgotten victims of typhoon haiyan, people in the islands north of tacloban - left to their own fate. most managed to survive - they, too, have lost their homes. we are on an eerie journey
teammates but the next caller tells us how tough it's nothing to do before having to take criminals into science. news and comment line for months and this is the seat with me you dash out on a chair the risk and the code is the moment is approaching a crucial phase with you rather not put their weapons and choose function about to back three and the toxic also will most likely be sent a bullet that killed the prices. how nineties correspondent reports now on the probe was behind and the cdu and the commitment shown by the muskets. today is that the prohibition of chemical weapons to court after destruction did nine specific chemical awesome no. so for the masses has made to forgive nine in the construction program today tuesday the fifth of that and that i'll bring it to just wait for equipment used for mixing and production of poison gases emitted agents. damascus is that remains committed to the team. the fake diamonds the workbook with our duty to do whatever it takes. cool commit ourselves to these two blocks. but it expects see we can do it so not ready to do it either this wa
really wants to test 1800. it took 1800 on the s&p. it took us right there to 1798. you can feel the excitement, can you feel the momentum building, right? it wants to at least test it and see whether or not we're hitting real resistance. after the testimony yesterday, people are now -- bob said, it you said it, people are sure nothing is happening well into 2014. rates are low. this is the game in town. time to get in and stay in. >> stephanie, is that what you want to do here despite the big move upwards in the last six months? >> we have been putting money in over the last couple of months, but i think you definitely want to take profits when you have them. this week we sold some ford, we sold om aig, we sold a couple of different positions we made money in. but i do think whether or not the market goes higher, i think you'll continue to see a rotation into groups that benefit from the eventual taper. i actually think we'll see a taper some time in the first quarter because i think the economic data has been okay. and i think it's going to get better. it really -- we didn't re
nuclear program according to the un summit watched all of us will make it to still mulling further sanctions against iran. we report on the divide between the white house and capitol hill. also this hour. the reason and one time. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long will be down here in this match. easy to promise but hoped to deliver the pleasure of quantum it is as elusive as ever. as the doctor doctor told me it says the average an aussie reports from inside the home or future. it made things and. the undressing else that is most likely sitting down on illegal immigration every friday they don't race of accommodation places of what looking for illeg immigrants. it's friday morning we got with the police. what are the dregs the prayer. i know he with international news and comment. russia's president has praised the cooperation between favorite authorities and the chemical weapons watched all in a landmark in conversation with the syrian leader. in that region became the first head of the un security council member state in years to constantly told to shut us out. aunties
non us dollars. although the chinese government for a dependent or been complacent january. the pension amount employees are still far left in the servant. at the beijing youth daily. when the charge kitchen with people the food and beverage industry. granted these images. congress the civil government plan to ensure the standard to protect him with the catering industry he goes for all garbage from places like off the building in the restaurant is in charge twenty five the run from forty dollars per tonne the new system is going to continue charging its price for kitchen with brother type garbage disposal. the price but the rate of nine eleven or fourteen dollars per tonne for more than sixty five thousand food and beverage companies in beijing. over five hundred tonnes of kitchen waste collected every day. however according to research from the beijing national people's congress the actual daily with production to be larger than the large amount of oil looks really going underground market. the news that purport to the new fee will come out with it. the move by the beatti
neighborhood and planning and design are sources that we use to move those types of projects forward. there is the o bad grants that are released throughout the city. we are recently making improvements in that area and traffic and safety and bicycle improvements. there are funds and federal funds that will apply to this area that we are looking at now. we'll look at other grants such as highway improvement grants as it becomes necessary on data we get throughout the city, there is numerous grants that we are looking to constantly close the gap as you have noted with the eastern planning area. we use the impact fees to leverage those grants and make it more competitive for those sources and we continue to do that is an example as well as other projects. 16th street where we are going to use development impact fees currently with what we have not enough to fully fund the project but to get the design started, start the community outreach work and figure out what transit improvements are necessary. the grants i talked about as projections for the future as they become available we are
told us she needed the room back. she didn't tell us why but one day we came home to a notice that said we had a week to move out. we didn't move because we gnaw that wasn't fair and eventually the matter went into court. when we got to court, the master tenant hid all of the court paperwork that came into our apartment. she found it in the mail, hid it from us so we were unable to respond. we were able to get, to find the court paperwork, respond to it, we went to court and we were able to negotiate a deal under which we were able to stay 3 more months. the agreement was that we would stay until november 7, at which point we would give the master tenant our key and she would give us a $5,000 check for moving out. she didn't do that, we met our side of the bargain but we have yet to see the check. we are now living in a different space, a much smaller space, and we're paying $700 for a bedroom that hardly fits two beds in it. >> thank you. i'm going to read a few more names. barbara ray, anna guiterrez, henry austindorf. >> hello there, my name is hennie kelly and i am a mem
vega. for the severely mentally ill, involuntary measures and current use are chaotic and traumatic. we talked about the current system, on the other hand laura's law provides community service with know forced meds. why would you be against it? >> why has laura's law be implemented in one small rural county. i think part of the answer is we do have good community services and support in san francisco and we have the best in the country and funded through the mental health services act. do they solve all the problems? absolutely not. do we need more? absolutely. to bring an additional court process that threatens people with enforcement measures and takes away right to self determination is at the core of this. the people that run the program in nevada county. the program that provisions the services, that program is available to people voluntarily. that only 4 people have been treated through the voluntary clause. that service is available to all people. 4 people were involuntary mandated to those services. couple of them succeeded, a couple didn't. the point is that the county where
a dream of ours to have city hall glow in justice and glow in purple. thank you. thank you. we used to have about 10 homicides a year due to domestic violence and we've seen a slight reduction every year but we've heard 40 months without a known domestic homicide. it speaks to the resilience of our city per every time we've had a tragedy not only have we learned but we've made connections with community and families we that didn't also know. i want to say that the advocates and shelters and the legal services keep this trend going everyday. our leader at city hall our mayor and board of supervisors and mrld police departments but the real resilience of san francisco is going through o a tragedy and come back through and coming up from the ashes we've going up and down done it over and over again. i want to take this moment to introduce a family i meet. i want to say we've been joining them in correspondent ever sense the first day and usually we're in court and their victim advocates are there every time they have a court appearance this family has shown so much resilience and love
, we are as discussed priestley -- previously with the commission using an appropriation and we will file for every potential dollar whether it be insurance or federal funding. the funding now is the assistance grant funding and in addition to the governor's declaration for california disaster act funding as well. the application tomorrow is for the state money. and then we will also be file an insurance claim over the next few weeks. so with that, happy to answer any questions and, we are working on the presidential declaration appeal as well with the governor's office as well as the state. >> that was answering my question. thank you. >> next item i would like to reverse the order, the quarterly budget status report. >> this will be a very quick item. this is our quarterly report to show how we are doing with our operation with our nearly one $1 billion budget and we like to show where we are saving in cost to help to keep rates as low as we can. this report does that. there are a couple of brief slides in your packet. the news to report is that retail water and revenue are b
with iran a chance and to hold off on new sanctions. >> if we're serious, there is no need for us to add new sanctions. >> and it is an art show like no other. photographers are using a hashtag to show atlanta in a new light. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. one week after the typhoon devastated the philippines, the eight is finally starting to arrive. the uss george washington has got to the area and it will triple the number of helicopters available to move supplies. there are still places which have quite literally been cut off by the storm. the firstm is guiuan, town hit from the storm. andrew harding sent us this report. >> this is where it all started. the very first encounter between storm and land. not much of a contest. which makes this the first ed,lage to be a raced -- eras and murray are among the first mothers to lose a child. she has come here before to visit the parents with -- the beach with her parents. >> he was so full of life. >> when the typhoon came in, his grandfather tried to save him. >> my father was hit by the water. and
. >> reporter: many people here are also beginning to worry about what lies ahead. >> translator: god gave us a second chance to live. i will do all i can for all of us to survive and keep the family together. we're all suffering here, even the rich. >> reporter: a crowd gathers as another dead body surfaces. many say they have to leave the future up to god. >> let's speak now to the emergency communication officer for care international. she is on the line in a port near the city. you arrived by boat there. what did you find? saundra, i don't know whether you can hear me. are you still on the line? it appears we have lost saundra, which is a shame, because she has got quite a story to tell actually abher arrival. saundra can you hear me? it's adrian finnegan here at al jazeera, you arrived by boat to the city. tell us about the situation you found there. we're not having a lot of luck here, are we? sandra can you hear me? it's adrian finnegan on the line. i'm being told that sandra is on the line, but she can't hear us. we'll maybe come back to saundra in a few minutes. this town was the fir
and running, that is my 2-cents more. dvr the show if you can't catch us live, have a great night. >> the democratic party in a panic, no one more desperate than the part leader, president obama telling state health insurance commissioner to afford the affordable care act, if they want to and told health insurance companies they can continue to sell plans that don't meet the law's standards, if they want to, it appears that president obama has politically set fire to the obamacare train wreck. i am lou dobbs. good evening president faced with rebellion within his pay the, and tryinparty, hesurpriseo announcement, first president told state insurance commissioners to use his enforcement discretion to permit the millions of americans who lost their health insurance, due to obamacare. even if they violate federal law, he said, go ahead. and he told insurance companies, to continue to offer those plans, but for just one year. long enough to get past the midterm elections, contrite president offered an admission, if you like your insurance you can keep it promise was a lie. >> i am not
: on capitol hill, nancy cordes tells us democrats who have been pressuring the president to allow americans to keep their insurance are calling his plan a welcome first step. house republicans plan to vote tomorrow on a bill that would allow insurers not only to reinstate the canceled plans but to continue to sell them to new customers. today, the u.s. aircraft carrier "george washington" arrived in the philippines. its 21 helicopters will deliver food and water after typhoon haiyan destroyed buildings and infrastructure there. thousands were killed. the exact number is not known. seth doane is in tacloban, the city hardest hit. >> reporter: utility workers in tacloban were back on the job today, but not restoring power. they were still cleaning up. it was the same all over town. almost a week after the typhoon tore through the philippines, very little has changed. how high was the water in here? >> almost 15. >> reporter: 15 feet high the water was? >> yes. >> reporter: ronald calipayan was sorting through the mess at home, but most of what was there wasn't even his. it had floated here fr
they use. households in such simple economies are almost completely self-sufficient. at the other end of the spectrum are highly complex economies in which people specialize in one particular job, like these shoe salesmen in morocco. specialization means people are no longer self-sufficient, but depend on each other. the shoe salesmen are dependent on the shoemakers, and the shoemakers are dependent on the tanners, and so on. this dependence on others makes society in general more complex, so specialization is a measure of society's overall complexity. archaeologists find evidence of specialization everywhere -- in the buildings and sculpture of ancient cities, and in crafts like elegant jade earrings, decorated pottery and even skulls with jade inlays in their teeth. these craft items were all made by specialists who worked at the ancient maya city of copan. between a.d. 400 and 800, this magnificent city flourished as one of the major centers of maya art and culture. copan was built in a broad mountain valley on the western border of honduras. at its height, the economic system of t
homebuilding but the funds would tells us we need to grow an economy and debris i quite frankly as president in the region it's fueled by ideas and manufacturing because those are linoleum are linked powered by carbon and driven by exports and dmroenl engagement but we build a economy like that we can begin to grow better jobs but the last exactly we went from 80 million to 1 hundred and 70 million people. in theory we want people to restructure the economy from one growth populated to another. well, the federal government has left the building and they don't seem to be coming back soon laughter purify or so we have the good news that the mayor's and businesses and civic leaders it could produce their communities their stepping up and doing the hard work to grow jobs and make their economies more prosperous and respond to enlightenment and environmental chamdz. their equipping workings with the stills they need. power in many rights it rovlg down in the united states and leaders across the sectors a stepping up. this is a big structural shift and how we think about who runs america and who g
relief mission intensified. u.s. forces are on the ground helping in the efforts, and 13 military ships have been sent to deliver supplies. those are the headlines - see you back here tomorrow night at 8 and 11 eastern time. remember, you can get the latest news on pash on america tonight. disaster aid delivered. tonight, the mass graves, the threats of violence, and the mounting health concerns. also tonight, innocence, perverted on the internet. the crack down on one of the largest child important rings. >> it is still on going, there will be further arrests and i would imagine there will be more children that will be saved because of it. >> and revolving door. a controversial operation giving prostitute as chance at a new life. our crime and punishment series takes you inside the sex business, through project rose. when a woman comes to a place, where selling her body a all she has, that's a difficult place to be in. >> it is blurring the lines between linking people to social services the arresting them. >> good evening everyone, thank you for joining us. it has been
government has been cooperative with us in this investigation. >> we expect them to be cooperative with everything we've done and the support we've given them. let me ask you, in terms of the al libi capture on october 5, as i understand he was captured on october 5, placed on ship and then was interrogated for, this is going to all public information, now he's been publicly indicted, until the 12th in which is brought into civilian custody, is that right? >> i don't know the exact dates spent just about a week of interrogation? >> sounds right. >> mr. beers, identify the beginning of al qaeda as the attacks on our embassies in africa, and, of course, al libi has been charged with those attacks on our consulate. he was a very major capture, was he not, at al qaeda? >> he is alleged to be one of the founding fathers of al qaeda. >> yesterday we had the nominee to take over for mr. beers, jeh johnson. and he described interrogation as a treasure trove, as an opportunity of course for us to gather information to protect our country. you would agree with that, wouldn't you, director co
preparing for for the future. to get us into this conversation, we have four terrific panelists. barry pavel is the vice president and director of the scope center. barry will update you on the work we have done and laying out a new concept for the alliance. he joined the atlantic council after a long career in the pentagon also having served as a special assistant to the president for defense policy and strategy at the white house. and played a heavy role in strategy issues at the pentagon. to his left is the newest atlantic council senior fellow. welcome. it's a delight to have you with us today. he also holds positions with vice president of the gruch. but he's on this panel discussion because he served not only as diplomatic adviser to president of italy, but as a representative to nato. he's also served diplomatic service in washington, moscow and the united nations. to his right, the policy director for the norwegian ministry of defense. he served as director general or security policy director for the norwegian defense since 1995 and in that capacity really became known a
, many consumers, especially those i'm not wanting to build with us. lori: the initial criticisms graven before the website clutch occurred and really put a hurdle -- that was the first problem. it never detraction. and in healthy people, why would they want to sign up now that there were subsidizing older americans with chronic issues. that is a long-term problem. >> it is a significant issue. in the way that was supposed to be addressed was to the individual mandate. although demand is not really strong. the penalties are not mine. in addition to that end of the people having a consumer friendly environment with which to purchase the product will be comfortable doing that. a lot of that has dampened the potential to enroll a lot of young and healthy individuals. i believe at this point they are completely discouraged. lori: how are you and your employees dealing with all of this? and me, it seems you have a new set of rules to contend with each and every day the reader much paperwork, extra labour is required to get this straightened out or a least keep up with the changes? >> it is tr
a great sounding dollars to make sense of this hearing for us. federal reserve vice chairwoman janet yelling face the senate banking committee on thursday for her confirmation hearing as the next head of the central bank now during the hearing on she committed to promoting a strong economic recovery and will ensure that there'll be no monetary stimulus for mobile anytime soon. also during that hearing senator mike crap that we wasted no time grilling the island over if and when we'd see any end to quantitative easing. jenna just continue indefinitely. i mean is the labor market doesn't improve to the point that you reach your target how long can this continue do you agree that there has to be some point by which we return to normal monetary policy tool. i would agree that this pro korean cannot continue forever. if there are costs to risks associated with the program and only one on to say that the fed takes risks to financial stability very seriously and that beth and recognizes that the longer these programs go on the more prominent as risk could be. and while today's hearing and p
and their pregnant mom all tied up and terrorized. new at 10:00, ktvu's deborah villalon live and tell us the family didn't have what the robbers were after. >> reporter: money and marijuana. and this family has neither but it did not stop the robbers from threatening to kidnap a child. asleep before school, 13-year- old pedro and 7-year-old sister gladys were jolted away by three massinged men who broke their back door. pedro awoke to find. >> a guy pointing a gun at my head, pointing at me. >> reporter: the men bound their wrists and ankles with plastic zip ties on their mom alvina too. six months pregnant. all the while demanding money and marijuana that they thought was here. >> they came in here. pulled everything out. >> reporter: while alvina tried to explain she had nothing they wanted. >> reporter: the robbers may have thought the barn behind the house was being used to grow marijuana. last year, on some streets near by authorities seized more than 1,000 pot plants from the backyards of the few dozen homes. but in the alcazars big garage a car and the remnants of their family's halloween pa
. there are about three or four of us on staff that have done -- i have done this kind of work in rhode island. i have received grants before. when we sat at the meeting, we all do great work and i don't think my organization deserves it anymore or less than anyone else. i left that meeting saying we need to get our grant together and do it in a way that it's written and get everything in order and get it in. that's grant writing. it's not creative writing. it's getting it done. this has been pretty consistent with the project. i just wanted to come and give my two $0.02 about it. >>> what does your organization do? >> we provide access to the community to glass working. we are an arts organization. anybody that knows anything about glass is it takes a lot of equipment, a lot of resources. it can sometimes be exclusive. >> they are glass blowers? >> essentially, the casting, the whole realm around it. >> how long have you been in san francisco ? >> 10 years. the place i'm with has been around since 1997. we just want to make it available to everyone. that's what this grant is for to make this
the arresting them. >> good evening everyone, thank you for joining us. it has been seven days now since a monster typhoon tore through the philippines leaving massive devastation in its wake. international row leaf efforts are being stepped up, but difficult convictions are making it painfully slow. latest official figures have the death toll from super typhoon at more than 4400, that's according to the united nations. other estimates say the toll could go as high as 10,000. the disaster has displaced hungs of thousands of people, a total of 11 million effected. there have been reports of some violence, over the lack of food and water, at a press conference, in the capitol the united nations criticized the slow pace of aid. people are in desperate need of help. we need to get assistance to them now, they are already saying that it has taken too long to arrive. >> i do feel that we have let people down. but aid is coming in. the suns. george washington and seven support ships have arrived off the coast. the most devastated area. one of their priorities right now is to get watt tore the f
us live. paul. >> john, i am here right outside the city itself. this is the hub on the military side of the airport. you request see some philippine is australian ships behind me. they have been looking loops back and forth, taking aid back out, bringing evacuees back, we saw a few hung go by here. you mentioned also the death toll, john, there's been a little confusion this morning the number we are being told to go with now, from the philippine government is 4,460. that's the official count right now. but we are hearing also from the mayor skying that there's 4,000 dead in his town alone. so these numbers still very fluid, obviously as more and more people are found, and people trickle in who have been missing these numbers are always changing. the big news here, right now, is that the u.s.s. george washington american air contractor carrier strike group is just off the coast, starting to fly in a lot of supplies. 21 helicopters on that ship alone, more than 80 aircraft. a huge relief capacity there. right off the coast of the province. paul i know you have talked to some evacuees
. i hate to even use that term because these aren't bodies, these are people, these are human beings who deserve dignity and respect in death as they do in life. that toll has risen officially. in terms of the collection of people, the burial of people, what is happening? >> well, we have seen in the past 24 hours, certainly i've seen an effort to collect those bodies that line the street. the government is saying, no, they are fresh bodies. but thinking these are the same left out for the day. that collection has certainly gone underway. where i'm standing is where they finally come. this orange truck behind me right now absolutely loaded to the brim with bodies brought in from the city itself. this is where really the grim task of accounting those dead happens here. behind me here, these are the bodies which they believe they are able to identify, that they know who they actually are, and during the morning, we've seen a slow and steady stream of relatives trying to get news, trying to work out exactly whether these bodies are those they have been looking for. two people turning up
contracted to build the federally facilitated marketplace system which consumers used for private qualified health plans and for programs like med cicaid and advanced tax credits. we underestimated the volume of users to access the site at one time. we immediately addressed the issue and continued to work on performance and create a better experience. health care is made up of two major subdivisions. one is called learned and continues to educate consumers. while the premium estimation tool can only sort consumers on its first launch, its functionality will be to better fit consumer shopping profiles. this is different from the application because determination for assurance affordability programs, mecaid and chip, are specific to the characteristics of an applicant in his or her household and ask only be communicated after an application is completed. i know that consumers have been frustrated in these initial weeks after the sites loan. while the hub is working as intended, after the launch of the online application, numerous problems surfaced which have prevented some consumers moving th
you will what will. open. i had a taste of the team is as sweet and sent us at croft are probably hundreds of thousands face was saying conditions. i'll tip that they announced an ounce is a safer to use rescue program with chris and all her rights and the battle for the define what you were in place is that it is welsh cup gets underway in the center. more aid is starting to ride the attack the benefit of was tate's bt announced weeks rethink its own staff the swedish at croft with relief kits and add it to a close out the ctc and cool meanwhile the un said croft area with around five thousand korean am more than eighteen planes and helicopters is starting to get a pleasing and its warnings to other parts of the beach and desperately needs help. in her right to know much about the need to get it out. in advance about we're working on yesterday today tomorrow it will be with someone. some are. it sits thousands of people displaced by tiny feet high and effacing deteriorating conditions that the frequent downfall is that much of the ages being stranded in the capital manila. i have
some of the powers of their embattled mayor. despite admissions of drug use, to ford resists all calls resign. ♪ >> welcome to our viewers on public television and in america, and around the globe. one week after typhoon haiyan struck the philippines, eight workers or stroll -- are still struggling to reach those affected. despite many countries coming together to help, efforts are hindered by a desperate shortage of vehicles. the official death toll is over 3.5 -- 3500 but the final figure may be much higher. jeremy cook has been to one school in tacloban were survivors are trying to survive in the aftermath. >> the water is warm, and the children are playing in peace. meters away is the reality. their homes are destroyed by the raging storm and giant waves that struck here a week ago. their young lives were changed forever. she was badly injured as she swam for her life. the gas in her head is infected and she lies in the filth of a ruined hospital as her parents wait for someone, anyone, to help. andis badly hurt, he says, she really needs to be transferred to a new hospital. they
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